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Meet the Team...

Passionate and dedicated, our Team has a wealth of experience from across a wide range of disciplines.


At Insight Youth, we specialise in working with children and younger adults, adapting traditional counselling and therapeutic techniques to better suit younger individuals. 


Combining their collective experience, our Team meet regularly to discuss new research, leading-edge approaches, and how best to actualise this for our clients. 

Ross IrvineHead of Service & Lead Practitioner

Lee ArmitageSenior Practitioner & Placement Manager

Becky Bass: Administrator

Richard Patterson: Therapist Practitioner

Tracy Brown: Therapist Practitioner

Eunice Capaldi: Therapist Practitioner (trainee)

Lynn Bellis: Therapist Practitioner

Sheila Hutchison: Therapist Practitioner

Susan Ferguson: Therapist Practitioner

Reece Harris: Therapist Practitioner (Trainee)

Sonam Singh: Therapist Practitioner (Trainee)

Laura Fullerton: Therapist Practitioner (Trainee)

Ross Bio
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Ross Irvine, MBACP

Head of Service & Lead Practitioner

Every mind matters.  How we experience our formative years is central to how our minds will function in all those that follow.  The reality of life can at times be complex and demanding.  Accessed at this critical stage, the right support can be transformative in helping individuals navigate their thoughts, feelings, and understanding of self as they move forward in their lives.  We offer the space, security, and expertise to help the possibility of this become a reality for all.   

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Lee Bio
Jane (Admin) Bio

Becky Bass


A friendly, compassionate welcome is so important when clients first make contact.  I help guide and support people through the referral and assessment process and act as a point of contact until an individual is matched with a therapist practitioner.   

Lee Armitage, MBACP

Senior Practitioner & Placement Manager

Life can be a challenge, whatever your age and sometimes we need help navigating its complexities. We offer a safe space for children and young people to talk about what is concerning them, assisting in the exploration of their feelings while helping them develop the tools and strategies needed to reach their goals and achieve personal change.

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